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Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA)

ADSA is the professional organisation for Registered Dietitians. The primary aims of the Association are to serve the interests of Dietitians in South Africa and promote the nutritional well-being of the community.


The role of ADSA will be to contribute to:

  • In-depth analysis of existing training landscape, needs and curriculum setting for dietitians in South Africa, which includes in-depth analysis of the South African Healthcare Sector, the daily practice settings, the state of knowledge and the existing gaps in dietitians practicing in healthcare facilities and community settings.
  • Training programme design and development, and review of curriculum content on diet and micronutrients for the First 1000 days and counselling.
  • Identification of potential participants for piloting of the developed training programme.
  • Development of a sustainable business model.
  • Incorporation of developed training programme into existing qualification and continuous education programmes for dietitians in South Africa and its accreditation.
  • Comprehensive dissemination to target groups via their networks nationally and internationally.


Team Members

Dr. Christine Taljaard
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✆ +27 (110) 615 000

Neo Mongoegi
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Abby Courtenay
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